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A Philadelphia video production and post production company.

With years of experience creating moving images, we help clients reach new audiences in innovative ways. Marketers from all sectors are now using the undeniable impact of video to not only promote their services and products, but also to improve internal communications, support sales staff and generally increase brand awareness. We are passionate about the ubiquity of video in the marketplace, and we seek partners who not only want join in, but grasp the significance of producing video work that stands out on screens of all shapes and sizes. It’s all here – Keen long-form documentary story telling talent, commercial editorial pros, elegant, modern motion graphic design and high end visual effects.

An Annual Report Goes Digital with our Help

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An Annual Report Goes Digital with our Help

10 Jul 2014

After a year-long undertaking, including 28 videos featuring physicians, professors, and patients, we are proud to announce that the The Abramson Cancer Center’s Annual Report is live!¬†With John Knapich directing and editing and David Executive Producing, Assembly worked closely with client Cynthia Griffo, Director of Communications and Education at the Cancer Center, to develop a…

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